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  2. University of Phoenix - Wikipedia

    History. University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by John Sperling and John D. Murphy. The first class consisted of eight students. In 1978 it became regionally accredited. In 1980, University of Phoenix expanded to San Jose, California, and in 1989, the university launched its online program.

  3. Otto Warmbier - Wikipedia

    Otto Warmbier. Otto Frederick Warmbier (December 12, 1994 – June 19, 2017) was an American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea in 2016 on a charge of subversion. In June 2017, he was released by North Korea in a vegetative state and died soon afterward. Warmbier entered North Korea as part of a guided tour group on December 29 ...

  4. Talk:University of the Pacific (United States) - Wikipedia

    The article doesn't say "post-high school," but rather "institution of higher education." When the institution that became California State University-Chico first added higher education courses is at issue--1888 or 1923 or 1935. If 1923, then both Pacific and Chico State are roughly in a tie as being first.

  5. Talk:University of Phoenix - Wikipedia

    Testimony of witnesses in the case revealed that managers in the Online Enrollment Department at the University of Phoenix discriminated against non-Mormon employees, and favored Mormon employees, in several ways, including: (1) providing the Mormon employees better leads on potential students; (2) disciplining non-Mormon employees for conduct ...

  6. Murder of Mark Kilroy - Wikipedia

    Murder of Mark Kilroy. On 14 March 1989, University of Texas at Austin student Mark James Kilroy was kidnapped in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico while vacationing during spring break. He was taken by his abductors to a ranch where he was tortured and sodomized for hours before being murdered in a human sacrifice ritual.

  7. Login - Wikipedia

    The user credentials are typically some form of username and a matching password, and these credentials themselves are sometimes referred to as a login (or logon, sign-in, sign-on). [2] [1] In practice, modern secure systems often require a second factor such as email or SMS confirmation for extra security.

  8. KUOP - Wikipedia

    KUOP (91.3 FM) is an NPR -member radio station, licensed to Stockton, California, United States. The station is currently owned by California State University, Sacramento and is part of the news network of CapRadio (formerly Capital Public Radio). From 1947 to 2000, KUOP was the radio station of the University of the Pacific.