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  2. UOP LLC - Wikipedia

    Vladimir Haensel, a student of Ipatieff’s, joined UOP and developed Platforming in the 1950s. This process used very small amounts of platinum as a catalyst for the high yield of high-octane gasoline from petroleum-based feeds.

  3. University of Phoenix - Wikipedia

    UoPX was the top recipient of student financial aid funds, receiving nearly $2.48 billion. For the 2008–2009 fiscal year, the University of Phoenix student body received more Pell Grant money ($656.9 million) than any other university.

  4. University of the Punjab - Wikipedia

    The University of Punjab was given its initial impetus in 1854 by Wood's despatch. Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner was the founder. Contrary to the three previously established universities, which were only examining institutions, the University of the Punjab was both a teaching as well as an examining body right from the beginning.

  5. University of Peradeniya - Wikipedia

    Student life Student Organizations. Students at the University of Peradeniya run over 100 clubs and organizations. These include cultural and religious groups, academic clubs, and common-interest organizations. The Peradeniya Students' Union (PSU) is considered the highest body which represents all internal students.

  6. MIT World Peace University - Wikipedia

    MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is a state private university (deemed university) located in Kothrud, Pune, India. It is a part of the MIT Group of Institutions.. It is officially named as Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University.

  7. University of Portsmouth - Wikipedia

    The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) is a registered charity that represents and supports all UoP students, who automatically become members upon registering for their course. The Students’ Union offers members support services, development opportunities and represent them at different levels throughout the University, in the ...

  8. Santa Clara University - Wikipedia

    SCU also has nine Chartered Student Organizations (CSO's), including: APB, the Activities Programming Board (est. 1994), is dedicated to providing the Santa Clara University community with quality university-wide programs. These programs enrich the student experience by fostering the development of a campus and off-campus community.

  9. Incarceration in the United States - Wikipedia

    Incarceration in the United States is a primary form of punishment and rehabilitation for the commission of felony and other offenses.The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest per-capita incarceration rate.