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  2. Languages of the United States - Wikipedia

    According to the 2000 Census and other language surveys, the largest Native American language-speaking community by far is the Navajo. Navajo is an Athabaskan language of the Na-Dené family, with 178,000 speakers, primarily in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Altogether, Navajo speakers make up more than 50% of all Native American ...

  3. List of programs broadcast by Toonami - Wikipedia

    This is a list of programs that have been broadcast on Adult Swim 's (formerly Cartoon Network 's) Toonami programming block. Broadcast times and ranges shown are with respect to the United States' Eastern Time Zone based on Adult Swim's headquarters being located in this time zone.

  4. Al-Khalid tank - Wikipedia

    It is based on the Chinese Type 90-IIM tan, [1] whose original prototype was developed by China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) under the name MBT-2000.Around 310 Al Khalid MBTs had been produced by 2014. [7] The Bangladesh Army ordered 44 MBT-2000s from China in 2011.

  5. List of Barbie films - Wikipedia

    Barbie & the Diamond Castle (2008) [ edit] This 13th film entry and the 3rd musical film stars Barbie and her best friend Teresa sharing their love of music. It is the first film to feature Stacy, replacing Kelly, who originally was told stories by Barbie.

  6. 2000s in science and technology - Wikipedia

    The popularity of mobile phones and text messaging surged in the 2000s decade in the Western world. The advent of text messaging made possible new forms of interaction that were not possible before, resulting in numerous boons such as the ability to receive information on the move.

  7. Stowage plan for container ships - Wikipedia

    The holds of a container ship. Stowage plan for container ships or bay plan is the plan and method by which different types of container vessels are loaded with containers of specific standard sizes. The plans are used to maximize the economy of shipping and safety on board.

  8. List of programs broadcast by DD National - Wikipedia

    Kyunki Jeena Issi ka Naam hai. Lakhiren Kismat Kii. Laut ke aye mere Meet. Mangalsutra - Ek Maryada. Meri Desh Ki Beti. Nargis. Netri: Malhila Sansad aur unki Kahaniya. Pehchan Astitva ki Talash. Pinky.

  9. 2000 London mayoral election - Wikipedia

    The 2000 London mayoral election was held on 4 May 2000 to elect the Mayor of London.It was the first election to the office established that year; the idea of a London mayor of a Greater London Authority (GLA) had been included in Labour's 1997 election manifesto, and after their election a referendum in London was scheduled for May 1998, in which there was a 72% yes vote with a 34% turnout.