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  2. Urdu alphabet - Wikipedia

    Urdu is written in the Nastaliq style ( Persian: نستعلیق Nastaʿlīq). The Nastaliq calligraphic writing style began as a Persian mixture of the Naskh and Ta'liq scripts. After the Mughal conquest, Nastaʻliq became the preferred writing style for Urdu. It is the dominant style in Pakistan and many Urdu writers elsewhere in the world use it.

  3. Nastaliq - Wikipedia

    InPage In 1994, InPage Urdu, which is a fully functional page layout software for Windows akin to Quark XPress , was developed for Pakistan's newspaper industry by an Indian software company Concept Software Pvt Ltd.

  4. Talk:Urdu keyboard - Wikipedia

    InPage is the only program that could produce Nastaʿlīq text until recently, and it doesn't use Unicode, so Urdu writers didn't bother with Unicode. Nowadays we have freely available Nastaʿlīq Unicode fonts, Nafees Nastaleeq, Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Pak Nastaleeq, etc., but they don't come standard with Windows and have some problems.

  5. Punjabi language - Wikipedia

    Punjabi is the most widely spoken language in Pakistan, being the native language of 80.5 million people, or approximately 39% of the country's population. Beginning with the 1981 census, speakers of Saraiki and Hindko were no longer included in the total numbers for Punjabi, which explains the apparent decrease.

  6. Talk:Nastaliq - Wikipedia

    Rename the Urdu alphabet article if you want, but don't merge it into here. They're two separate things. –jonsafari 22:16, 21 May 2007 (UTC) [] The Urdu alphabet is one thing. The script used to represent it is another. Urdu can, and has been, represented by Arabic-scripts other than Nasta`liq (such as Naskh). Ishamid 23:17, 7 June 2007 (UTC) []

  7. HTML - Wikipedia

    Web browsers receive HTML documents from a web server or from local storage and render the documents into multimedia web pages. HTML describes the structure of a web page semantically and originally included cues for the appearance of the document. HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages.

  8. Wikipedia talk: WikiProject Anime and manga/Archive 62

    Recently, ( talk · contribs · WHOIS) has been going through some of the anime airing this season and adding in unsourced English air dates, including Kamisama Kiss, The Rolling Girls, Yurikuma Arashi, Absolute Duo, among others, so be on the lookout for this and other questionable contributions.--.