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  2. Mobile home - Wikipedia

    Mobile homes share the same historic origins as travel trailers, but today the two are very different, with travel trailers being used primarily as temporary or vacation homes. Behind the cosmetic work fitted at installation to hide the base, mobile homes have strong trailer frames, axles, wheels, and tow-hitches.

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  4. FEMA trailer - Wikipedia

    FEMA trailers were used to house thousands of people in South Florida displaced by Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, some for as long as two and a half years. After Hurricane Charley in 2004, 17,000 FEMA-issued trailers and mobile homes were successfully deployed.

  5. Foreclosure - Wikipedia

    In the US for example, two of them—namely, by judicial sale and by power of sale—are widely used, but other modes are possible in a few other U.S. states. Judicial. Foreclosure by judicial sale, commonly called judicial foreclosure, involves the sale of the mortgaged property under the supervision of a court. The proceeds go first to ...

  6. Snuff (tobacco) - Wikipedia

    Snuff is a smokeless tobacco made from finely ground or pulverized tobacco leaves. It is inhaled or "sniffed" (alternatively sometimes written as "snuffed") into the nasal cavity, delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting flavored scent (especially if flavoring has been blended with the tobacco).

  7. William Levitt - Wikipedia

    Levitt was the cover story in Time magazine for July 3, 1950, with the tag line "For Sale: a new way of life." As Levitt & Sons' president, Levitt proposed and constructed other East Coast developments throughout the 1960s. In 1952, people started buying over 17,000 Levitt-built homes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

  8. Globe Telecom - Wikipedia

    In May 2013, ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. ("ABS-C", formerly Multimedia Telephony, Inc.) announced the launch of its mobile brand, ABS-CBNmobile. The launch of the new mobile brand is being supported through a network sharing agreement with Globe, wherein the latter provides network capacity and coverage to ABS-C on a nationwide basis.

  9. Uwabaki - Wikipedia

    Uwabaki (上履き) are a type of Japanese slippers worn indoors at home, school or certain companies and public buildings where street shoes are prohibited.. Japanese culture mandates that people should remove their shoes when entering homes and other buildings, especially where the floors may have rugs, polished wood floors, or tatami.