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  2. Gudetama - Wikipedia

    Gudetama (Japanese: ぐでたま) is a cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. The name Gudetama is formed from two parts: the first is the ideophone gudegude (Japanese: ぐでぐで) which is used to evoke the impression of something lazy and lacking energy.

  3. John Dall - Wikipedia

    John Dall (born John Dall Thompson; May 26, 1920 – January 15, 1971) was an American actor.. Primarily a stage actor, he is best remembered today for two film roles: the cool-minded intellectual killer in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948), and the companion of trigger-happy femme fatale Peggy Cummins in the 1950 film noir Gun Crazy.

  4. Active Worlds - Wikipedia

    Active Worlds is an online virtual world, developed by ActiveWorlds Inc., a company based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and launched on June 28, 1995.Users assign themselves a name, log into the Active Worlds universe, and explore 3D virtual worlds and environments that others have built.

  5. Nnamdi Oduamadi - Wikipedia

    Nnamdi Oduamadi Chidiebere (born 17 October 1990), also known by his shirt name Odu, is a Nigerian footballer who plays as a forward, currently under contract for Eccellenza club Colleferro

  6. Z1 Battle Royale - Wikipedia

    Z1 Battle Royale (formerly H1Z1 and King of the Kill) is a battle royale game developed and published by Daybreak Game Company.The game's development began after the original H1Z1 was spun off into two separate projects in early 2016: H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill.

  7. NXIVM - Wikipedia

    NXIVM (/ ˈ n ɛ k s i ə m /) is the name commonly used to describe the personality cult of imprisoned racketeer and sex offender Keith Raniere. NXIVM is also the trademarked name of the defunct corporation that Raniere founded, which provided seminars and videos in the field of human potential development.

  8. Bakassi conflict - Wikipedia

    The Bakassi conflict is an ongoing insurgency which started in 2006, in the Bakassi Peninsula of Cameroon waged by local separatists against Cameroonian government forces. . After the independence of Cameroon and Nigeria the border between them was not settled and there were other disp

  9. RKO Pictures - Wikipedia

    RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., commonly called RKO Pictures or simply RKO (an abbreviation of Radio-Keith-Orpheum), was an American film production and distribution company that was one of the "Big Five" major film studios of Hollywood's Golden Age.