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  2. Venerable Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    ven· er· a· ble ˈve-nər (-ə)-bəl ˈven-rə-bəl Synonyms of venerable 1 a : calling forth respect through age, character, and attainments a venerable jazz musician broadly : conveying an impression of aged goodness and benevolence encouraged by the venerable doctor's head-nodding b : impressive by reason of age under venerable pines 2

  3. Venerable Definition & Meaning |

    adjective commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity; worthy of veneration or reverence, as because of high office or noble character: a venerable member of Congress. a title for someone proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church to have attained the first degree of sanctity or of an Anglican archdeacon.

  4. Venerable

    Venerable is a privately held company with business operations based in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Des Moines, Iowa. Venerable owns and manages legacy variable annuity business acquired from other entities. Learn More Financial Information Insurance Financial Strength Rating provided by Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) Learn More Careers

  5. 118 Synonyms & Antonyms of VENERABLE - Merriam-Webster

    Definition of venerable 1 as in venerated deserving honor and respect especially by reason of age the venerable old man was a cherished source of advice and wisdom for the villagers Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance venerated revered respectable respected reverend sacred distinguished honorable hallowed honored esteemed reverenced reputable

  6. Venerable - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

    As a noun, the Venerable refers to someone high up in a religion, usually Christian. In fact, Saint Bede, who is sometimes called the Father of English History, is often referred to as Bede the Venerable. Definitions of venerable adjective profoundly honored synonyms: august, revered honorable, honourable

  7. 1. worthy of respect or reverence, as because of great age, high office, or noble character. 2. a title given to an Anglican archdeacon, or to a person proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church to have attained the first degree of sanctity. 3. hallowed by religious, historic, or other lofty associations: the venerable halls of the abbey. n.

  8. Venerable Annuity Login & Contact Info: 2023 Update

    Venerable Insurance and Annuity Company Fully Separates from Voya. Venerable Annuity has fully separated from Voya Financial. If you own a Voya Annuity or ING Annuity you will no longer access your annuity using the Voya Annuity Login, nor will you call Voya Customer Service for any service or form needs. Moving forward, you will access and manage your Voya Annuity contract using the Venerable Annuity Login at

  9. Venerable

    DO NOT SELL - Venerable does not sell personal information. See Privacy Notice for more details.

  10. Venerable Annuities: Company Information & Client Resources

    Venerable Holdings is a company that reinsures annuity products sold by other providers. In recent years, the company has acquired annuities from insurance and financial companies who no longer sell annuities, such as Voya Financial and John Hancock. Start Your Free Annuity Quote Written By Jennifer Schell Edited By Savannah Hanson

  11. Saints | USCCB

    Venerable is the title given to a deceased person recognized formally by the pope as having lived a heroically virtuous life or offered their life. To be beatified and recognized as a Blessed, one miracle acquired through the candidate's intercession is required in addition to recognition of heroic virtue or offering of life.