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  2. AOL - Wikipedia

    History 1983–1991: Early years. AOL began in 1983, as a short-lived venture called Control Video Corporation (or CVC), founded by William von Meister.Its sole product was an online service called GameLine for the Atari 2600 video game console, after von Meister's idea of buying music on demand was rejected by Warner Bros. Subscribers bought a modem from the company for US$49.95 and paid a ...

  3. Twitch (service) - Wikipedia

    As of 2017, Twitch remained the leading live streaming video service for video games in the US, and had an advantage over YouTube Gaming. As of February 2020, it had 3 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, with 1.4 million average concurrent users. As of May 2018, Twitch had over 27,000 partner channels.

  4. SMS - Wikipedia

    The first commercially sold SMS service was offered to consumers, as a person-to-person text messaging service by Radiolinja (now part of Elisa) in Finland in 1993. Most early GSM mobile phone handsets did not support the ability to send SMS text messages, and Nokia was the only handset manufacturer whose total GSM phone line in 1993 supported ...

  5. SMS gateway - Wikipedia

    To determine the SMS gateway domain, e.g.,, may require research - but most users know who their carrier is.Observe that the telephone number in this example for a US number is expressed as ten (10) digits, without the country code (1) and without dashes or other separator characters when composing the email address.

  6. Payphone - Wikipedia

    At the end of 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reported the number of payphones at 243,487 generating $362 million – falling to $286 million by 2015. The major carriers, AT&T and Verizon, have both exited the business, leaving the market to be served by independent payphone companies.

  7. Rich Communication Services - Wikipedia

    Improved central message store and introduced service extension tags into the specification. It also introduced a number of incremental improvements and bug fixes to RCS 5.1 V4.0 that improve the user experience and resolve issues that were noticed in deployed RCS networks Release 5.3 Version 6.0 (28.02.2015) Release 6.0 Version 7.0 (21.03.2016)

  8. Safaricom - Wikipedia

    Average value of monthly person to person transfers on M-Pesa was Kshs 106B while Person to Business transfers were at Kshs 23.5bn and Business to Person at Kshs 27.8bn per month. M-Pesa is in partnership with a number of banks. M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa are two such services, which provide access to savings and loans to users.

  9. AT&T Mobility - Wikipedia

    T-Mobile US and Verizon Wireless have deployed similar late-stage upgrades in a larger number of markets than AT&T, but promote them as being upgrades to their 4G LTE service. T-Mobile mocked the branding via a video on Twitter, showing a person applying a sticky note reading "9G" over the LTE indicator on an iPhone, captioned "didn't realize ...