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  2. SAML-based products and services - Wikipedia

    WS-Security, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, SAML 1.1 / 2.0, Liberty, Single Sign-on, RBAC, CardSpace, OAuth 2.0, OpenID, STS. Includes out of the box integration with cloud and social media providers (Office 365, Windows Live (MSN), Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon web services and 200+ preconfigured connections to SaaS providers etc ...

  3. Infoblox - Wikipedia

    Infoblox, formerly (NYSE:BLOX), is a privately held IT automation and security company based in California's Silicon Valley.The company focuses on managing and identifying devices connected to networks—specifically for the Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (collectively, "DDI").

  4. Magento - Wikipedia

    Magento officially started development in early 2007. Seven months later, on August 31, 2007, the first public beta version was released. [citation needed]Varien, the company owning Magento, formerly worked with osCommerce.

  5. AOL latest headlines, entertainment, sports, articles for business, health and world news.

  6. List of mergers and acquisitions by IBM - Wikipedia

    1994 – Xyratex enterprise data storage subsystems and network technology, formed in a management buy-out from IBM. 1995 – Advantis (Advanced Value-Added Networking Technology of IBM & Sears), a voice and data network company. Joint Venture with IBM holding 70%, Sears holding 30%. IBM buys Sears' 30% interest in 1997.

  7. List of online video platforms - Wikipedia

    Acquired by Verizon in October 2016. ... Enterprise providers ... integration with single sign-on services and a lack of the advertisements normally present on public ...

  8. OpenID - Wikipedia

    OpenID is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol promoted by the non-profit OpenID Foundation.It allows users to be authenticated by cooperating sites (known as relying parties, or RP) using a third-party identity provider (IDP) service, eliminating the need for webmasters to provide their own ad hoc login systems, and allowing users to log into multiple unrelated websites ...

  9. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Wikipedia

    Only one of the clusters is used at any particular moment, and software sees the processor as a single quad-core CPU. The SoC also contains an IT tri-core PowerVR SGX 544 graphics processing unit (GPU). Regional models of the S4 vary in support for LTE; for Exynos 5-based models, while the E300K/L/S versions support LTE, with the Cortex-A15 ...