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  2. Library System of Lancaster County - Wikipedia

    In the first decade of the 21st century, the Lancaster County libraries saw more than a doubling in the number of county residents using libraries; 251,348 county residents had library cards. In the same ten-year period, circulation increased by 90%; 3,495,399 items were checked out.

  3. Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia,_Pennsylvania

    Lancaster, ( / ˈlæŋkɪstər / LANG-ki-stər; Pennsylvania German: Lengeschder) is a city in and the county seat of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is one of the oldest inland cities in the United States. [4] With a population at the 2020 census of 58,039, [5] it ranks 11th in population among Pennsylvania's municipalities. [6]

  4. Lancaster City Historic District - Wikipedia

    It measures 3 square miles and includes 13,459 contributing buildings, 9 contributing sites, 6 contributing structures, and 19 contributing objects in the city of Lancaster. The buildings date from 1760 to 1950, with the majority dating from 1860 to 1930. A number of buildings were designed by Lancaster architect C. Emlen Urban.

  5. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia,_Pennsylvania

    Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. /  40.04°N 76.25°W  / 40.04; -76.25. Lancaster County ( / ˈlæŋkɪstər /; Pennsylvania Dutch: Lengeschder Kaundi ), sometimes nicknamed the Garden Spot of America or Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is a county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is located in the south central part of Pennsylvania. [2]

  6. Lancaster City Museum - Wikipedia

    It was designed by Major Thomas Jarrett and built between 1781 and 1783, with a cupola added in 1782 to a design by Thomas Harrison. It was extended in 1871 and 1886. In 1910, the functions of the Town Hall were transferred to a new building in nearby Dalton Square. The old Town Hall was converted into a museum in 1923.

  7. Lancaster station (Pennsylvania) - Wikipedia

    The Lancaster station is located on East McGovern Avenue, westbound Pennsylvania Route 272 and U.S. Route 222, between the northern ends of Queen and Duke Streets. It sees twenty-six arrivals by the Keystone Service on weekdays, thirteen from both Harrisburg and New York Penn Station, and seven from each on weekends. [5]

  8. 2015 Lancaster City Council election - Wikipedia

    Map showing the results of the 2015 Lancaster City Council election. ' Local elections were held for Lancaster City Council' on 7 May 2015, the same day as the 2015 United Kingdom general election and other 2015 United Kingdom local elections. Local elections are held every four years with all councillors up for election in multi-member ...