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  2. Facebook - Wikipedia

    In a period of six months, October 2018-March 2019, the social media website removed a total of 3.39 billion fake accounts. The number of fake accounts was reported to be more than 2.4 billion real people on the platform. In July 2019, Facebook advanced its measures to counter deceptive political propaganda and other abuse of its services.

  3. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    Email address change. In June 2012, Facebook removed all existing email addresses from user profiles, and added a new email address. Facebook claimed this was part of adding a "new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines".

  4. SMS - Wikipedia

    For example, an AT&T subscriber whose phone number was 555-555-5555 would receive emails addressed to as text messages. Subscribers can easily reply to these SMS messages, and the SMS reply is sent back to the original email address.

  5. Text messaging - Wikipedia

    As of 2007 text messaging was the most widely used mobile data service, with 74% of all mobile phone users worldwide, or 2.4 billion out of 3.3 billion phone subscribers, at the end of 2007 being active users of the Short Message Service. In countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Norway, over 85% of the population use SMS.

  6. WeChat - Wikipedia

    WeChat allowed people to add friends by a variety of methods, including searching by username or phone number, adding from phone or email contacts, playing a "message in a bottle" game, or viewing nearby people who are also using the same service. In 2015 WeChat added a "friend radar" function.

  7. Global surveillance - Wikipedia

    Mobile phone tracking refers to the act of attaining the position and coordinates of a mobile phone. According to The Washington Post , the NSA has been tracking the locations of mobile phones from all over the world by tapping into the cables that connect mobile networks globally and that serve U.S. cellphones as well as foreign ones.

  8. Internet censorship in China - Wikipedia

    The service providers have assumed an editorial role concerning customer content, thus becoming publishers and legally responsible for libel and other torts committed by customers. Some hotels in China advise Internet users to obey local Chinese Internet access rules by leaving a list of Internet rules and guidelines near the computers.

  9. Website - Wikipedia

    India ranked second with about 687 million internet users accessing the internet either through mobile devices or computers. One of the most popular activities online is social networking. In 2020, Facebook, a social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg recorded over 2.7 billion monthly active users. This number accounts for over half of ...