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  2. Talk:WhatsApp - Wikipedia

    The next release of WhatsApp, 2.0, came along in August 2009 "with a messaging component" deliberately built in. That, at least, is the impression I get from Parmy Olson's Forbes piece. If anyone knows different, please signify here, in the meantime, I'll try to contact Olson to ask if I've misunderstood the intention of her 2014 article.

  3. List of websites blocked in mainland China - Wikipedia

    WhatsApp: Messaging Multilingual 2017, September to present Blocked 33: ... Web archiving: English: 2011, April (or earlier) to 2012:

  4. Workflow - Wikipedia

    A workflow management system (WfMS) is a software system for setting up, performing, and monitoring of a defined sequence of processes and tasks, with the broad goals of increasing productivity, reducing costs, becoming more agile, and improving information exchange within an organization.