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  2. Saturday night special - Wikipedia

    Saturday night special is a colloquial term in the United States and Canada for inexpensive, compact, small-caliber handguns [1] made of poor quality metal. [2] Sometimes known as junk guns, some states define these guns by means of composition or material strength. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, they were commonly referred to ...

  3. Gun laws in Rhode Island - Wikipedia

    Yes. RI Gen. Stat. 11–47–8. One may possess a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle without a RI permit as long as one possesses a carry permit from another state and is merely transiting through Rhode Island without any unnecessary stops. Long guns must be unloaded while in a vehicle. FOPA is observed.

  4. One handgun a month law - Wikipedia

    A one-handgun a month law is a law which limits handgun purchases to one per 30-days, for an individual. Proponents supported such laws in the effort to keep criminals, or would be criminals from amassing large numbers of handguns in a short period of time. Supporters argued that gun traffickers frequently purchase large numbers of cheap ...

  5. Gun laws in Oregon - Wikipedia

    Gun laws in Oregon. Gun laws in Oregon regulate the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the state of Oregon in the United States. In the November 8, 2022 general election, voters approved Oregon Ballot Measure 114, with about 50.6% voting in favor and 49.4% opposed. [1] The measure creates a new permit that ...

  6. FP-45 Liberator - Wikipedia

    Muzzle velocity. 820 ft/s (250 m/s) Effective firing range. 8 yd (7.3 m) Feed system. Single-shot. The FP-45 Liberator is a handgun manufactured by the United States military during World War II for use by resistance forces in occupied territories. The Liberator was never issued to American or other Allied troops, and there are few documented ...

  7. Gun laws in Michigan - Wikipedia

    At the age of 18 or up, it is legal to buy a handgun with a purchase license from a private seller, at the age of 21, it is legal to buy a firearm from a Federally licensed ( FFL) dealer. No purchase license is required to purchase a long gun, or muzzle loader (a firearm that is more than 26 inches long) in Michigan.

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    related to: where can i buy a cheap handgun
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