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  2. Federal Premium Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Vista Outdoor. Website. www .federalpremium .com. Federal Premium Ammunition is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, located in Anoka, Minnesota. With a workforce of nearly 1,500, Federal manufactures shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition and components.

  3. 2020–present United States ammunition shortage - Wikipedia–present_United...

    The 2020–present United States ammunition shortage is the most recent of all the ammunition shortages in the United States. It arose out of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the 2020 United States presidential election, and the George Floyd protests. The lack of sufficient ammunition for consumers in the United States is to some ...

  4. 2008–2016 United States ammunition shortage - Wikipedia–2016_United_States...

    The 2008–2016 United States ammunition shortage was a shortage of civilian small arms ammunition in the United States that started in late 2008, [1] and continued through most or all of 2010, with an additional shortage beginning in December 2012 and continuing throughout 2013. The 2008 election of President Barack Obama triggered increased ...

  5. Gyrojet - Wikipedia

    The Gyrojet principle was also examined for use in survival flare guns, and a similar idea was explored for a grenade launcher.The emergency-survival flare version (A/P25S-5A) was used for many years as a standard USAF issue item in survival kits, vests, and for forward operations signaling, with flares available in white, green, blue, and red.

  6. TEC-9 - Wikipedia

    The Intratec TEC-9, TEC-DC9, KG-99, and AB-10 are a line of blowback -operated semi-automatic pistols. They were developed by Intratec, an American subsidiary of the Swedish firearms manufacturer Interdynamic AB. Introduced in 1984, the TEC-9 was made of inexpensive molded polymers and a mixture of stamped and milled steel parts.

  7. Gun buyback program - Wikipedia

    A gun buyback program is one instituted to purchase privately owned firearms. The goal of such programs is to reduce the circulation of both legally and illegally owned firearms. A buyback program would provide a process whereby civilians can dispose of illicitly owned firearms without financial loss or risk of prosecution.

  8. Black Talon - Wikipedia

    Black Talon. Black Talon is a brand of hollow-point pistol and rifle ammunition introduced in 1991 by Winchester, primarily intended for law enforcement and personal defense use. Black Talon rounds were known for the unique construction of the bullet and its sharp petal shape after expansion following impact with tissue or other wet media. [1]

  9. Gun laws in Oregon - Wikipedia

    Gun laws in Oregon regulate the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the state of Oregon in the United States. In the November 8, 2022 general election, voters approved Oregon Ballot Measure 114, with about 50.6% voting in favor and 49.4% opposed. [1] The measure creates a new permit that would be required to ...