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  2. Wisconsin - Wikipedia

    The Wisconsin State Legislature is Wisconsin's legislative branch. The Legislature is a bicameral body consisting of the Assembly and the Senate. Judicial. Wisconsin's court system has four levels: municipal courts, circuit courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

  3. List of Wisconsin state parks - Wikipedia

    Three became state parks, and the fourth became Dells Natural Area in 2005. A State Conservation Commission was formed in 1915 by combining the State Park Board, the State Board of Forestry, the Fisheries Commission, and the state Game Warden Department. List of Wisconsin state parks and recreation areas

  4. Devil's Lake State Park (Wisconsin) - Wikipedia's_Lake_State_Park...

    Devil's Lake State Park is a state park located in the Baraboo Range in eastern Sauk County, just south of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Devil's Lake State Park is the largest state park in Wisconsin. It is around thirty-five miles northwest of Madison, and is on the western edge of the last ice-sheet deposited during the Wisconsin glaciation.

  5. 2020 Wisconsin State Senate election - Wikipedia

    The 2020 Wisconsin State Senate elections were taking place as part of the biennial 2020 United States elections. Wisconsin voters elected state senators in 16 of the state's 33 senate districts. State senators serve four-year terms in the Wisconsin State Senate , with roughly half of the seats up for election every two years.

  6. 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 - Wikipedia

    The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state's largest teachers union, is the only state union to date that has indicated it plans to seek official union status with the state. The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) announced it would allow local union affiliates to possibly drop certification and that the agency ...

  7. The State Journal-Register - Wikipedia

    The State Journal-Register is the only local daily newspaper for Springfield, Illinois, and its surrounding area.It was founded in 1831 as the Sangamo Journal by William Bailhache and Edward Baker, and describes itself as "the oldest newspaper in Illinois".

  8. Flag of Wisconsin - Wikipedia

    Wisconsin Secretary of State Douglas J. La Follette noted that the correct state flag did not have the banner of thirteen stars at the bottom. [8] In order to distinguish it from the many other blue U.S. state flags, Wisconsin's flag was modified in 1979 to add "Wisconsin" and "1848", the year Wisconsin was admitted to the Union .

  9. Wisconsin Idea - Wikipedia

    The "Wisconsin Idea"is a public philosophy that has influenced policy and ideals in the U.S. state of Wisconsin's education system and politics. In education, emphasis is often placed on how the Idea articulates education's role for Wisconsin's government and inhabitants.