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  2. Hmong Americans - Wikipedia

    Hmong Americans (RPA: Hmoob Mes Kas, Pahawh Hmong: "𖬌𖬣𖬵 𖬉𖬲𖬦 𖬗𖬲") are Americans of Hmong ancestry. Most Hmong Americans consist of those that fled to the United States as refugees in the late 1970s due to their cooperation with the United States' Central Intelligence Agency operatives in northern Laos during the Vietnam War, and their descendants.

  3. Civil rights movement - Wikipedia

    Several who participated in these organizations lost their jobs because of their involvement. Sexist discrimination. Many women who participated in the movement experienced gender discrimination and sexual harassment. In the SCLC, Ella Baker's input was discouraged in spite of her being the oldest and most experienced person on the staff.

  4. Abolitionism in the United States - Wikipedia

    They raised money, wrote and distributed propaganda pieces, drafted and signed petitions, and lobbied the legislatures. Though abolitionism sowed the seeds of the women's rights movement, most women became involved in abolitionism because of a gendered religious worldview, and the idea that they had feminine, moral responsibilities.

  5. Suicide attack - Wikipedia

    Women's as well as men's usual motivations for becoming suicide bombers should be assumed to be nuanced and complex. Specific groups. Studies have attempted to learn the history and motivation of suicide attackers. Al Qaeda. Analysis of the 9/11 Al Qaeda attackers found almost all had joined the group with someone else. About 70% joined with ...

  6. Zimbabwe - Wikipedia

    Women also made up the majority of low education jobs, such as 70% of the agriculture work force, yet only made up 16.7% and 21% of local authority and managers in the private sector respectively. In the public sector, women comprised 14% of the Zimbabwean House of Assembly and 33% of the Senate, despite the population ratio being 0.95 males ...