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  2. Plus–minus sign - Wikipedia–minus_sign

    The plus–minus sign, ±, is a mathematical symbol with multiple meanings. In mathematics, it generally indicates a choice of exactly two possible values, one of which is obtained through addition and the other through subtraction.

  3. Plus and minus signs - Wikipedia

    The plus sign, +, is a binary operator that indicates addition, as in 2 + 3 = 5. It can also serve as a unary operator that leaves its operand unchanged (+x means the same as x). This notation may be used when it is desired to emphasize the positiveness of a number, especially in contrast with the negative numbers (+5 versus −5).

  4. Page Up and Page Down keys - Wikipedia

    The Page Up and Page Down keys (sometimes abbreviated as PgUp and PgDn) are two keys commonly found on computer keyboards . The two keys are primarily used to scroll up or down in documents, but the scrolling distance varies between different applications.

  5. Page - Wikipedia

    Page (computer memory), a block of virtual memory. Paging, a method of data retrieval. Bank switching, sometimes known as paging. Electronic page, formatting digital documents into pages. Multiple buffering, also known as paging. Ogg page, a unit of data in an Ogg bitstream.

  6. Numero sign - Wikipedia

    According to the Real Academia Española and the Fundéu BBVA, the word número (number) is abbreviated per the Spanish typographic convention of letras voladas ("flying letters"). The first letter (s) of the word to be abbreviated are followed by a period; then, the final letter (s) of the word are written as lowercase superscripts.

  7. Price look-up code - Wikipedia

    PLU code 4033 are for regular small lemons sold in the U.S. Price look-up codes, commonly called PLU codes, PLU numbers, PLUs, produce codes, or produce labels, are a system of numbers that uniquely identify bulk produce sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. The codes have been in use since 1990, and over 1400 have been assigned.

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