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  2. Talk:Yahoo! - Wikipedia!

    Yahoo began offering free e-mail from October 1997 after the acquisition of RocketMail, which was then renamed to Yahoo Mail. In 1998, Yahoo replaced AltaVista as the crawler-based search engine underlying the Directory with Inktomi. Yahoo had added an online magazine and "Yahooligans" a child friendly search function.

  3. Gmail - Wikipedia

    Gmail is a free email service provided by Google.As of 2019, it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide. A user typically accesses Gmail in a web browser or the official mobile app.

  4. Poll: Confidence in Supreme Court collapses as just 33% agree ...

    A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that more than six in 10 Americans (61%) now have little or no confidence in the U.S. Supreme Court after its decision Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade .

  5. Heartbleed - Wikipedia

    Heartbleed was a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library, which is a widely used implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. It was introduced into the software in 2012 and publicly disclosed in April 2014.

  6. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia

    Mail is retrieved by end-user applications, called email clients, using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), a protocol that both facilitates access to mail and manages stored mail, or the Post Office Protocol (POP) which typically uses the traditional mbox mail file format or a proprietary system such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or Lotus ...

  7. CompuServe - Wikipedia

    CompuServe was the first online service to offer Internet connectivity, albeit with limited access, as early as 1989, when it connected its proprietary e-mail service to allow incoming and outgoing messages to be exchanged with Internet-based e-mail addresses.

  8. Donald Sterling - Wikipedia

    Donald T. Sterling (né Tokowitz; April 26, 1934) is an American attorney and businessman who was the owner of the San Diego / Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball franchise of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1981 to 2014.

  9. 2020 United States presidential election in Pennsylvania

    Moreover, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court also dismissed with prejudice the requests of Representative Mike Kelly and other Republicans to either invalidate all 2.5 million mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, or to invalidate all 6.9 million ballots in the state and have the state's Republican-controlled Legislature choose the presidential electors ...