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  2. Mauritius Qualifications Authority - Wikipedia

    The National Qualifications Framework ( NQF) in Mauritius is the framework for setting educational standards of academic and vocational qualifications as well as for categorising qualifications by level and stage of education. The NQF is established and maintained by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

  3. Government of Mauritius - Wikipedia

    Government of Mauritius From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Government of Mauritius ( French: Gouvernement de Maurice) is the main authority of the executive power in the Republic of Mauritius. The head of the Government is the Prime Minister of Mauritius, who manages the main agenda of the Government and direct the ministers.

  4. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (Mauritius)

    The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Mauritius is a ministerial department found in the Cabinet of the government of the republic. It is considered as the most executive and important ministry in the cabinet after the Prime Minister's Office.

  5. AIESEC - Wikipedia

    "AIESEC is a global network of people that simply believe that youth leadership is not an option, but our responsibility." The "Global Volunteer" portfolio in AIESEC is an international volunteer program which allows youth aged 18–29 to contribute to the United Nations' sustainable development goals of 2030.

  6. African Union - Wikipedia

    The objectives of the AU are the following: [8] To achieve greater unity, cohesion and solidarity between the African countries and African nations. To defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its Member States. To accelerate the political and social-economic integration of the continent.

  7. Andragogy - Wikipedia

    The science of understanding (theory) and supporting (practice) lifelong education of adults. In the tradition of Malcolm Knowles, a specific theoretical and practical approach. It is based on a humanistic conception of self-directed and autonomous learners as well as teachers as facilitators of learning.

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    related to: youth empowerment program mauritius