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  2. Youth work - Wikipedia

    Youth work is community support activity aimed at older children and adolescents. Depending upon the culture and the community, different services and institutions may exist for this purpose. In the United Kingdom youth work is the process of creating an environment where young people can engage in informal educational activities. Different ...

  3. Food desert - Wikipedia

    The program even led kids to start a community garden at their school. The program allowed the students to engage in hands-on learning to educate them about agriculture, food scarcity, and nutrition while helping bridge the gap of food access for some of their peers who could now bring home food from the surrounding farms or the school garden.

  4. Chicano Movement - Wikipedia

    The Chicano Movement, also referred to as El Movimiento, was a social and political movement in the United States inspired by prior acts of resistance among people of Mexican descent, especially of Pachucos in the 1940s and 1950s, and the Black Power movement, that worked to embrace a Chicano/a identity and worldview that combated structural racism, encouraged cultural revitalization, and ...

  5. Kalamazoo College - Wikipedia

    Kalamazoo College, also known as K College or simply K, is a private liberal arts college founded in 1833 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.The college campus is located immediately east of Western Michigan University.

  6. English Avenue and Vine City - Wikipedia

    In November 1994, the Atlanta Empowerment Zone was established, a 10-year, $250 million federal program to revitalize Atlanta's 34 poorest neighborhoods including the Bluff. Scathing reports from both the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs revealed corruption, waste, bureaucratic ...

  7. Bayview–Hunters Point, San Francisco - Wikipedia–Hunters_Point...

    The Food Empowerment Market idea stems from legislation introduced by District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai that allocates $1.5 million in startup funds from the Human Service Agency to establish the model for the new market in partnership with a yet-to-be-named neighborhood nonprofit. Bayview-Hunters Pointhas the highest rates of obesity in San ...

  8. Left-libertarianism - Wikipedia

    That includes concerns for worker empowerment, worry about plutocracy, concerns about feminism and various kinds of social equality." Anthony Gregory maintains that libertarianism "can refer to any number of varying and at times mutually exclusive political orientations."

  9. Prison abolition movement - Wikipedia

    The prison abolition movement is a network of groups and activists that seek to reduce or eliminate prisons and the prison system, and replace them with systems of rehabilitation that do not place a focus on punishment and government institutionalization.