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  2. Mexican Americans - Wikipedia

    The bracero program, which began in 1942 and officially ended in 1964, allowed them temporary entry into the United States as migrant workers in farms throughout California and the Southwest. [84] [98] [99] [100]

  3. Black Panther Party - Wikipedia

    January 1969: The Oakland BPP begins the first free breakfast program for children. March 1969: There is a second purge of BPP members. April 1969: Members of the New York chapter, known as the Panther 21 are indicted and jailed for a bombing conspiracy.

  4. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ninety-three nations received medals at the 2020 Summer Olympics, and 65 of them won at least one gold medal, both records.The 2020 Summer Olympics was an international multi-sport event held in Tokyo, Japan, from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

  5. Supported living - Wikipedia

    Supported living also developed along different trend lines in the US, two of which included a broadening of the community living concepts in the new community paradigms of community membership of support and empowerment of conversion from an institutional to a community paradigm of person-centered planning of community regeneration (and ...

  6. Internment of Japanese Americans - Wikipedia

    A 4-H program was established to pave a way for children to help the agricultural process at the center. From 1942 through 1945, Tule Lake produced 29 different crops, including Japanese vegetables like daikon, gobo, and nappa.

  7. Cleveland Indians name and logo controversy - Wikipedia

    Acephobia; Adultism; Anti-albinism; Anti-autism; Anti-drug addicts; Anti-homelessness; Anti-intellectualism; Anti-intersex; Anti-left handedness; Anti-Masonry ...

  8. Hmong Americans - Wikipedia

    According to the 2010 US Census, 260,073 people of Hmong descent reside in the United States up from 186,310 in 2000. States with the largest Hmong population include: California Minnesota Wisconsin North Carolina Michigan Colorado Georgia Alaska Oklahoma Oregon The metropolitan areas of Fresno and Minneapolis-St. Paul have especially large Hmong communities. St. Paul, Minnesota Wausau. In ...

  9. Colin Kaepernick - Wikipedia

    Colin Rand Kaepernick (/ ˈ k æ p ər n ɪ k / KAP-ər-nik; born November 3, 1987) is an American civil rights activist and football quarterback who is a free agent. He played six seasons for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL).