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  2. Youth empowerment - Wikipedia

    Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. They do this by addressing their situation and then take action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes.

  3. Youth Empowerment Scheme - Wikipedia

    History. YES was established in 2001 by participants on the Washington Ireland Program including Chris Johnston, Ryan Moffett, Sarah Quinlan and Andrea Erskine and was based on Teamwork for Tomorrow, a similar scheme run by students at Notre Dame University, United States. In 2004 YES was awarded the BT Link Award for Challenge with the ...

  4. List of youth empowerment organizations - Wikipedia

    Young India Foundation. Young Men's Christian Association. Young Muslim Advisory Group. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists. Young Yatri Organization. Youth Activism Project. Youth Liberation of Ann Arbor. Youth on Board. Youth Service America.

  5. Organization for Youth Empowerment - Wikipedia

    Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) is an international NGO working in El Progreso, Honduras dedicated to the development of at-risk Honduran youth. OYE was founded in 2005 by Justin Eldridge-Otero and Ana Luisa Ahern following a long history of volunteer work in Honduras. Among their programs are: "Fotos de Mi Pueblo" and La Calle.

  6. Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout - Wikipedia

    Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout, also known as YEAH Philly, is a non-profit community organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that works with teens and young adults who have been impacted by violence. It was founded in 2018 by Kendra Van de Water and James Aye as a Black-led organization in an effort to increase the voice of ...

  7. Adopt-An-Alleyway Youth Empowerment Project - Wikipedia

    Official Website. The Adopt-An-Alleyway Youth Empowerment Project is a non-profit project of the Chinatown Community Development Center that is based in the San Francisco Chinatown area. Volunteers clean the alleyways of San Francisco's Chinatown, organize monthly programs for seniors and children, and provide tours with Chinatown Alleyway Tours.

  8. Theodore Roosevelt - Wikipedia

    Theodore Roosevelt Jr. ( / ˈroʊzəvɛlt / ROH-zə-velt; [b] October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919), often referred to as Teddy or his initials T. R., was an American politician, statesman, conservationist, naturalist, historian, and writer who served as the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He previously served as the 25th ...

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    related to: youth empowerment program utica ny