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  2. ZIP codes in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    ZIP codes of provinces according to the first two numbers ZIP codes of cities and municipalities in Metro Manila according to the first two numbers In the Philippines , a ZIP code is used by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhlPost) to simplify the distribution of mail. [1]

  3. Postal codes in Norway - Wikipedia

    Norwegian Postal Codes are four-digit codes, known in Norwegian as postnummer (literally 'post number'). Posten, the Norwegian postal service, makes small modifications to the postal code system each year. In 1999 Posten made considerable changes to the postal codes in Norway. Since 18 March 1968 Norway has used a four-digit system ...

  4. List of ZIP Code prefixes - Wikipedia

    This includes, Irvine, which originally had only ZIP Code, 92650. With the rapid growth of the city, however, it needed new codes, and it was eventually moved to the 927 range with Santa Ana. On July 1, 1996, the northern portion of Orange County redistributed many of its ZIP Codes to the 927 and 928 prefixes.

  5. Postal codes in Taiwan - Wikipedia

    Postal codes (Chinese: 郵遞區號; pinyin: Yóudì qūhào; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Iû-tē khu-hō) in Taiwan is a system of three + three digits used by Chunghwa Post. There are 368 sets of three-digit codes for townships , county-administered cities , and districts in Taiwan .

  6. Postal codes in Argentina - Wikipedia

    Postal codes in Argentina are called códigos postales.Until 1998 Argentina employed a four-digit postal code for each municipality, with the first digit representing a region in the country, except in the case of the city of Buenos Aires (which had different postal codes starting in 1000 and with the other numbers varying according to the zone).

  7. KT postcode area - Wikipedia

    The KT postcode area, also known as the Kingston upon Thames postcode area, is a group of 24 postcode districts in England, within 19 post towns.These cover boroughs in south-west Greater London and several boroughs in north-east Surrey.